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Who we are?

CLIQ FX is the name of excellence and top notch financial service provider. Our concept task was to amaze the customers with instant execution of their trades & withdrawal of funds, provide them the technologically advanced platform with dedicated technical support and best affiliate program in the market. Today we are proud to represent all of these features in CLIQ FX brand.

With hands-on educational support and excellent trading tools we made it possible for our beloved customers to generate amazing revenues with just single clicks.

Our mission is to develop innovative solutions while keeping pace with global market demands and making one click profits possible for our clients, providing them the power to enhance their investment goals with an open mind.

Our History

  • - USB flash drives replaced floppy disks.
  • - NASA releases plan for Moon Visit.
  • - Google Maps & YouTube was launched.
  • - 2.5 million dollars was the daily turnover on the FX Market
  • - Meanwhile, there were some fresh graduates planning to polish their knowledge and get extensive experience so that they can serve the humanity by elevating poor & providing them better earning opportunities hence helping them to acquire better place in society.
  • - The world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, officially opened in Dubai.
  • - Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched Instagram.
  • - Apple launched the first iPad.
  • - Microsoft introduced Windows 10.
  • - 3.9 trillion dollars was a daily turnover on the FX Market.
  • - Fresh graduates were now transformed into top notch professionals and started thinking about their future goals. They had an idea in their mind to build up a platform with all new features and functionalities which should have a potential to amaze its users with the revenue in just clicks. An idea to serve humanity in a better way, an idea to elevate ordynary people. An idea to stand out of the crowd. So they decided to join world's best forex brokers to identify the vacuum between a common man and the revenue streams.
  • - Lithuania adopts the euro as its currency, replacing the litas and becoming the 19th member of the Eurozone.
  • - Apple gets into wearables with its Watch
  • - Tesla's Autopilot made self-driving cars a reality.
  • - Instagram became bigger than Twitter.
  • - The top notch professionals had their final meet-up invited investors and decided to kick-start the work with initial business intelligence and to setup an extremely user-friendly platform which people don’t even have IT background or knowledge can easily use and make their profits with just single clicks.
  • - Self-driving cars launched in Dubai.
  • - 5.5 trillion dollars is a daily turnover on the FX Market.
  • - Apple has launched it’s iPhone 7.
  • - The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) began in 2016 with considerable fanfare. The deal, which took seven years to negotiate, was the largest regional trade agreement in history and a cornerstone of the Obama administration’s rebalance to Asia.
  • - Donald Trump Wins the U.S. Presidency.
  • - The basic version of the trading engine was built and launched in December 2016 for internal testing and analysis. Based on which new additions have been recommended and Feb 01, 2017 was decided as the date for final launch.
  • - After a complete year of political temblors, 2017 will doubtfully be an easy drive.
  • - Scientists at Harvard University report the first creation of metallic hydrogen in a laboratory.
  • - Financial Markets are continuously on the rise breaking all the previous records.
  • - The CLIQ FX is finally launched and started providing out of box services to its customers worldwide.
  • - People now can trust and add this highly reliable revenue stream to their lives. Dreams are no more dreams, world can be a better place to live… All you need is to register with CLIQ FX and grow together with us!
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