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Dear customers and partners,

We are pleased to inform you about the launch of our MAM service! This is a very important event in the development of our company, which contains 3 excellent news at once:

A new type of trading account is available - MAM (Multi Account Manager). This is the first trading account, which results will be automatically displayed in the Rating of MAM accounts and will be available for acquaintance for all comers. Now you can use only 1 account for managing your investors' funds.

The minimum amount required on your Wallet to open a MAM account is $1000.

Flexible choice of the percentage from 0 to 40% of reward from investors’ profit, which trader will receive for managing the investor's funds.

The period for which trader accepts funds for fund management (the trading period) varies from 0 to 4 weeks. We specifically saved the classic term for MAM accounts (0 weeks) for those traders who do not need trading periods and for those investors who want to have access to their money on any day of the week. Well, if your trading strategy implies a trading period, then there is also a solution for you - from 1 to 4 weeks. In this case, you are given the opportunity to issue a commission for early withdrawal in your offer.

We have created a MAM rating. Transparent, single and user friendly. Any new MAM account after passing the path from the creation of the application to the verification falls into the Rating, where every 30 minutes the positions are updated. This is a unique opportunity for traders to declare themselves to the whole world and attract an unlimited number of investors. MAM accounts with their Rating is also a new excellent product for investment, in which:

We will remind you that starting from launch of our company we’ve started receiving from you the first requests to provide a MAM accounts to simplify the management of several accounts of your investors. And we have given you such an exceptional opportunity by an individual approach and personal requests for technical support. At that time, we did not have the rating and publicity of these accounts, but we satisfied your requirements.

Having seen the potential of this direction and the need from our customers, we began to develop our own MAM service, which will be useful for both traders and investors. Why MAM? This is the most reliable and simple tool for today. We created a hybrid product in which we collected the best from PAMM and classic MAM accounts.

MAM account from CLIQ FX it’s:

Unlike PAMM accounts, our MAM service meets the requirements of such leading global regulators of financial markets as JFSA, FCA, CySec.

Thus, for today in the Rating we have already gathered 16 of your MAM accounts, which in a short time managed to earn with us and formed their trade history. This will help our clients in making their investment decisions or will serve as role models and motivations for creating their own MAM accounts.

The start takes place in the beta version counting on your recommendations and wishes for improving the service for both investors and managers.

Sincerely, The CLIQ FX team.

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