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Dear customers,

We are happy to inform you about the successful transition of our MAM project from its BETA version to today’s Full release. We have allocated some time for the adaptation of MAM accounts, for determining investors and traders criteria for improving the project, including the distribution of profits and monitoring of investment development. We monitored the process of maximally correct display of the MAM Rating of accounts and statistical indicators of each separate account.

Focusing on your wishes, we have jointly identified elements that need improvement. Today, we have made all the necessary changes and thereby made the world of the investment industry a little bit better.

So, what exactly we did?

1)    New Ranking. Now you can sort it by all criteria of the rating table on the site and in the Client Area.

2)    Added Agent accruals in the framework of our partnership program names Investment Advisor. Users who attract investors to participate in the MAM project now have the opportunity to receive from MAM managers from 5% to 25% of the investment commission they receive, as a reward for attracting accounts in their MAM. Thus, the manager in the offer indicates this parameter of the Agent's remuneration within the limits of 0-25%. If the MAM manager takes a commission of 30% from the investor's profit for managing the account (for example, this amount was $ 1000 for the trading week), then this amount will be automatically deducted 5-25% ($ 50-250) agency fees (for the Investment Advisor).
At the same time, there are no difficulties for either side. Managing MAM accounts - to attract more investors can indicate the percentage of remuneration of agents when registering an additional account. The Investor and the Agents should not undergo any new special registrations (all remains within the framework of the Investment Advisor partnership program).

3)    The availability of visible request for withdrawal of funds. When the investor creates a request for withdrawal of funds from the MAM account (s), it comes visible in the "My Accounts" menu of Client Area and can be tracked.

4)    The trading history of the development of the investor's contribution is taken into account, taking into account its traded volumes. As we already know, investor accounts participate in trading, the amount of which is distributed evenly among all investors of the selected MAM account in direct proportion to their deposits. Each investor will now have his own transparent trade history, which he will be able to see at any time in My Trading History menu and track in the future.

5)    The formula for allocating the commission to the trader for the successful management of the MAM account has been improved. Now the funds are redistributed not after each profitable transaction, but only once - at the end of the Trading Period (TP) of the MAM account and on the fact of net profit. This means that the investor will now pay for the overall result, and not for separately profitable trades anymore. Thus, we managed to substantially increase the profitability of investments in MAM accounts for our customers. To do this, we changed the order of the TP. Now all MAM accounts will have a trading period of 1 to 4 weeks.

We hope to continue to receive from you the same active feedback as always. Thank you very much for cooperating with us!

P.S. We also requesting all existing MAM managers to contact our Support and create a ticket specifying the size of the agency commission you willing to allocate.

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