Dear Clients,

We are happy to announce the update to it’s existing version of our FREE Signals project. We launched Signals project couple months back and now we represent it in a new format. Time is running and we want to be up to date in everything we do. The concept of rebranding was not only a visual presentation, but also the formation of different directions, which we did according to our vision and your requirements.

Trading signals are recommendations for opening trading positions from a team of analytical experts and traders of CLIQ FX.
This is the unique opportunity for:

  1. Beginning traders - get the first profits without the necessary knowledge of the market, as well as, forecasting skills. You will be able to make your own decisions based on the market evaluation of other traders.
  2. Professionals - to conduct a comparative analysis with their own trading ideas, thus getting an "amplified" signal.
  3. Skeptics - make sure the reality of this business. Just try it!

The obvious advantage of the service is that there is no need to allocate time for calculations and tracking of the graphs. Also, it gives confidence that relieves nervous tension, reduces the emotional factors that influence the making of the most important decisions.
All generated signals are tested by time and are traded by the CLIQ FX team on our own trading accounts!
At the moment the signal is generated, it is duplicated to Telegram*. The post contains information about the financial instrument, the opening price and the direction of the transaction. We also provide benchmarks for the levels of stop loss and take profit.

Then you can transfer the received signals to your trading account. But, only in accordance with your risk management and money management!

While others are "fascinated" with the search for the grail, use our offer, which will make your trading Simple and Profitable!

* Pre-install the PC and the mobile version of the Telegram application to use our Signals.

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