CLIQ FX Demo trading contest has finished!

We are delighted and proud to announce about successful completion of the DEMO Contest! So fast this 2 months passed and very active by the way.
Among 240 participants - 108 finished, by having fulfilled all the conditions of the competition. For the period of the DEMO Contest, the participants made 7,971 trades and 3392 lots traded. So, it's time to represent the 16 winners, whose average profit was 565%! They are:

1 winner


5 winners
x $2,000

  • Carpenter

10 winners
x $1,000

  • Shelton
  • Gerd
  • erofeev80
  • Anastasija
  • Samson
  • Miller
  • Carson
  • Pereleshin
  • McBride
  • Thompson

On behalf of the CLIQ FX team, we congratulate the winners! And as promised - we give the earned prizes! We require all the winners within 30 days to create a request for the awarding of prize money in your Client Area support menu indicating your trading accounts.

We would like to remind that this was the first competition from the company CLIQ FX and we are all convinced that if you just want to - you can always make money! Thank you for choosing CLIQ FX as your broker. We wish you successful trading with us!

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