So huge discounts and only one day. So be ready!

All your plans to invest with us, or finally learn how to trade on financial markets becomes opportunities in one day - November 23. It’s Black Friday time, dear! So wait for it and don’t miss your chance.

  1. Get the opportunity to invest in yourself through our educational classes with a discount of 67%!
    • a week of training with a professional for only $ 50 instead (before 150$)
    • 2 weeks of training with a professional for $83 only. (before $250)
    • a month of training with a professional for $150 only. (before $450)
  2. Access to the PRO Signals project with a 90% discount. , Get trading ideas of traders and analysts on the most affordable offer:
    • for a new clients the presence of a trading account is not from $ 1000. It’s from $ 100.
    • for our existing clients, the replenishment of the trading account is not for $ 1000 for this day. It’s only for $ 100 as well.
  3. The start of the investment project Invest With Us will be at a 50% discount., The level of an investment for you has become more accessible:
    • the start of work of investment funds is from $500 only instead of $1000. The programs are same (1 month, 6 months and 1 year with 20% of returns).
  4. Development of an investment portfolio with a personal Fund Manager at a 50% discount. , Discuss together the Personal approach, your investment growth goals and risk minimization through risk management. The start of investment with Fund Manager is from $5000 only instead of $10,000 for Black friday only.

If before there were thoughts with you to start learning how to trade or invest with CLIQ FX - then the time has come!

Not to take your chance on Black Friday with CLIQ FX will be a mistake of the century. One more time - Only 1 day on 23rd of November. Contact your responsible manager for details.

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