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And here comes a GOOD NEWS: All of our customers are elevated to the status of affiliates so that they can unlock huge earning opportunities coming up.

You don"t have to do anything extra*, we have developed a system which will keep on tracking your activities and based on the action it will keep on adding more and more value to your earned revenue.

How it works: 1. A special link will be assigned to all of our customers which can be found in the user area.
2. Users can share this link with their contacts through social media, WhatsApp, SMS, email or any other medium they want to use.
3. Whenever someone registers through your link, you will instantly get $ 5 upon the account validation of your referral as cashable income which can be withdrawn right away.**
4. Upon successful deposit of minimum amount in your referral’s account you will get $10 reward which can be withdrawn right away.***
5. After your referral started investing through Invest with Us project by CLIQ FX with minimum amount of $1000, you automatically will start receiving 0.5% monthly income from his investments.

* It"s mandatory to validate the account.
** Only verified accounts with minimum limit of $50 can withdraw this amount.
***All users have to complete the registration and validation process and to refer genuine clients to earn this amount.
- Newly registered users will also be a part of this promo and will be able to earn value-added instant income when someone is registering through their links.
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